The name Shih Tzu roughly translated means “little lion dog.” In the palaces of the Chinese emperors, these little lion dogs were interbred with short-faced Chinese breeds like the Chinese pug or Pekinese. He brings his collar when he wants to walk outside and when im sad hell bring his toy and play catch with we. He's a good dog. 3rd season. 1 decade ago. No the Lhasanese isn't a Shih Tzu it's just a mix of the two dogs that many generations (Dog not human) back were used in the production of the Shih Tzu. Lhasa Apso vs Shih Tzu. Shih tzu Cross Lhasa apso in Oswaldtwistle £500 . I love Shih Tzu breeds in general because I find them to be more relaxed as companion animals. Hypoallergenic and not shedding. Gizmo Shih Tzu cross. 5 … Pure Bred KC Lhasa … Shih Tzu x Lhasa Apso Puppies on DogsandPuppies. It is a cross between a Shih-Tzu and Lhasa Apso. This is the most obvious physical difference between the two breeds. The Lhasa apso and the Shih Tzu's size and proportion are quite similar. Shih Tzu Lhasa Apso Dog Profiles. ; Grooming - Both breeds require very high amounts of grooming. ALL PUPPIES ARE NOW RESERVED !!! View Images. If you’re someone who wants to know the tiny differences that exist between them, keep reading to find out which of these 2 breeds would be … The Shih Apso is a designer hybrid dog breed that is a cross between the Lhasa Apso and the Shih Tzu. The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and understand that you can get any combination of the characteristics found in either breed. If interested to meet the puppies TEXT 204-381-6848 Favourite. Sale | Dogs | Shih Tzu | Manchester . From shop SquirrelDesigns . 5 . Cross Stitch All Sewing & Fibre Card Making & Stationery Scrapbooking Bookbinding Stamping Origami ... Shih Tzu Lhasa Apso Dog Iron On Fabric Transfer Applique Patch - 1055 SquirrelDesigns. $ 450 Shih Tzu X Shih Tzu / Maltese , Beautiful Fluffy Pups. No 10: The Shih Tzu Lhasa Apso Mix. £850 . This designer breed is recognized by ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club). Cavachon (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cross Bichon Frise) Cross Shih Tzu: 800: 29584: Male-1: 0: 0: Status Available Name: Chilli ^^ Breed: Doberman Cross Alabai Age: 8 Months Gender: Female Location: Llanelli Carmarthenshire Chilli is a gentle girl who is already very large at just 8 months old and will keep growing ... More information... 1611187200: Chilli ^^ Doberman Cross … The puppies will be well socialised as they are brought up in our family home with other dogs and children. ; Children - Both breeds are child friendly, but the Shih Tzu is the most friendly between the breeds. Wanted Shih tzu … SHIH TZU X LHASA APSO PUPPIES FOR SALE!! ; Barking - The Lhasa Apso … JD-20140 Dog - 7 weeks old Lhasa Apso cross Shih Tzu puppy in suitcase Ardea Wildlife Pets Environment. Favourite Add to Shih Tzu / Lhasa Apso Earrings SpringRoseDesigns. Will grow average of 10lb Mom is a cross of Lhasa and Shih Dad is a pure Shih tzu Both parents are our pet, and healthy. Mum is a pure Lhasa Apso, the best dog ever, very affectionate and obedient, walks … Shih Tzus and Lhasa Apsos are majestic looking dogs that come with a thick coat of hair. In summary, they are believed to have originated in the monasteries of Tibet. £2,000 *Gorgeous kc reg lhasa apso for stud* £250 . … Lhasa Apso. The Lhasa Apso … What is the history of the Lhasa Apso and Shih Tzu? We have hundreds of other Shih Tzu for you to browse!!!! •dark chocolate (girl) •black (1 girl and 2 boys) •black and white (boy) The pups have been de-fleed, dewormed, microchipped, up to date with … 4 Puppies ready to become a new Family member. Unfortunately these Girls are looking for their forever homes. Lhasa Apso vs Shih Tzu shedding and grooming They have floppy ears, snubbed noses and short tails. Today, we cannot breed two certain dogs and call it a breed. in this article. This distinct physical characteristic makes it difficult to differentiate between the two. Thinking of doing a cross designer of a shih tzu with Lhasa Apso. It is Lhasa Apso. Lhasa Apso x. Mum is a Shih tzu X Lhasa apso (around 7.5kg) and dad is pure Shih tzu (6kg). Called Shih Apso. Shih tzu X puppies seeking loving family homes . The coat of the Shih Apso … May 2, 2019 - Shih Apso Information and Pictures. Microchipped, vaccinated and vet checked. £1,200 Ann L. 5 hours ago . However, in my honest opinion, you can’t go wrong with either. We are going to discuss Shih Tzu Lhasa apso mix, dog, price, mix puppy, black, puppy, short hair, Pekingese, etc. Shih Apsos generally stand between 9 and 12 inches and weigh 12 to 18 pounds. Hi, welcome to my advert for my beautiful Pomeranian - Lhasa Apso cross puppy. 22 days ago. … … The Lhasa Apso is bigger than the Shih Tzu. The pups are well socialised and friendly and they come with 4 weeks of … Help our free service by spreading information about dog breeds. JD-20137-M Dog - 7 weeks old Lhasa Apso cross Shih Tzu puppy … Paperwork not important just good health and vet registered and have jabs up to date. Puppies will … They are both believed to have originated in Tibet, China. The Shih Apso is not a purebred dog. Funny, we had the same experience because when Max-my Lhasa Apso dog was a pup, he is more cute than a shih tzu but he grew up bigger than the shih tzu. She has been … The Lhasa Apso will weigh in at 12 to 18 pounds and stand 10 to 11 inches tall when fully grown. They are all healthy, playful and fun. Mazie is a shih tzu and dad Jacko is a small Lhasa Apso. Shih Tzu Cross Lhasa Apso puppies, born 30 November 2020, will be available to go to their forever homes at 8 weeks, around 26 January 2021. As companions to royalty, they were … Lucca is a male Shih Tzu cross Lhasa Apso cross Maltese. £1,900 . Oswaldtwistle £500 . The Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso breed of dogs have an intriguing origin. 2 Females 2 Males Puppies have their first shot, deworming and health check up. The Shih Apso is not a purebred dog. Mum and dad can be seen when viewing. They are not KC registered. They are companion dogs that the Chinese refer to as “lion dogs.” Both breeds have a variety of … Lhasa or shih tzu considered for stud. All our pups are fully wormed, vaccinated and vet checked before they leave us. One happy, gentle, none shedding male … Beautiful pups too. The Shih Tzu will weigh between 9 and 16 pounds as an adult dog and stand 9.5 to 10 inches tall. Quick Summary Below are a few quick comparisons between the two breeds. Available to see in person when viewing. Puppies raised in loving home of mum and dad. We love him for his adorable look, friendly nature, and courageous character. It takes lots of patience and time and studying of breeds to be familiar enough to even start to raise dogs. JD-20131 Dog - 7 weeks old Lhasa Apso cross Shih Tzu puppies Ardea Wildlife Pets Environment . Victoria Park, Western Australia. Lhasa Apso vs Shih Tzu size. Report. Lhasa apso cross chihuahua . Shih Tzus were originally a cross between Lhasa Apso and the Pekingese and were brought from Tibet to China as a gift for Chinese emperors. We discussed this in detail in our curious origins of the Lhasa Apso blog post. Report. Both are our family pets. Choosing between the Lhasa Apso vs Shih Tzu is a tough decision to make. Owner Experience - Both the Lhasa Apso and Shih Tzu are excellent choices for new or inexperienced owners. Lassie. They will go to their new forever home with a blanket with mums scent. 3 Beautiful Pups 1 Brown Male, 1 White & Brown Male, 1 Brown Female, all eating … Thinking of doing a cross designer of a shih tzu with Lhasa Apso. And last on our list of Shih Tzu mixes is the Lhasa Apso Shih Tzu mix! Posted: 42 weeks ago Description: I have 1 x female puppy left, the mother and father are in the pictures and can been seen, The mother is shihitzu Cross laphso and the father is shihitzu. Ad ID: 36114527. kerrynel1 . It is a cross between the Shih Tzu and the Lhasa Apso. Beautiful Shih Tzu for sale he is amazing he is brilliant with children and and other pets this is a very sad sale he will not go to just anyone you must be able to give him a forever loving home he is full vaccination and worm chipped all homes will be checked . JD-20136 Dog - 7 weeks old Lhasa Apso cross Shih Tzu puppy under blanket Ardea Wildlife Pets Environment. These cute little babies were born on the 5th... Queensland ABBOTSFORD 4670 Pets and Animals More info. The Shih Apso, also called the Lhasa Tzu, is a hybrid mix between the Lhasa Apso and Shih Tzu breeds. We have two gorgeous little Shih tzu X Lhasa Apso puppies for sale. Posting for 1+ year. 8 days ago. He is a very sweet dog and has admirable intellegence. At a glance, the Lhasa Apso and the Shih Tzu look so similar that they can pass for twins. Each breed's length, from its shoulder to the base of its tail, should be slightly longer than its height at the shoulders. But I no regrets. Anonymous. Kc Registered Karashishi Shih Tzu Bitch Pup. Saved by Posh Pooches Posh Pooches Lhasa apso - Shih tzu puppies Winnipeg 16 hours ago. Mix of chocolate and white, white and cream and white. Sharing is caring. Both breeds were referred to as little lion dogs. Puppies will be vet checked, microchip and had first injections. … $2,200.00 Shih-tsu x Havanese puppy for sale Winnipeg 11 hours ago. Link to this: Lhasa Apso vs Shih Tzu vs Bichon Frise – Which one is a better dog breed for you? Called Shih Apso. I would like to see more Lhasa Apso and Tibetan Spaniel mixes but they are becoming increasingly rare. He is used to children and dogs being around. The Shih Apso is a designer hybrid dog breed that may be a cross between the Lhasa Apso and the Shih Tzu. The Lhasa apso should be about 10 or 11 inches, with most weighing 12 to 18 pounds, while the Shih Tzu's ideal height is from 9 to 10.5 inches at the shoulder and its weight is 9 to 16 pounds. Lhaso apso . However, this crossbreed may not the best choice for young families and should be socialized early on so that he is well behaved with strangers, children, and other dogs. 5 out of 5 stars (90) 90 reviews £ 1.15. Please only genuine enquiries! Posted: 42 weeks ago. To become a recognised breed several different crosses using different dogs would be bred and then those crosses would be bred with each other, then the resulting pups would be bred to other third … Ad ID: 34282184 Similar Ads. His mother is a petite light sandy coloured Pomeranian and his father is a caramel coloured Lhasa Ap Age Age: 7 weeks; Ready to leave Ready to leave: in 1 week Mum is ours and can be seen.... 12. . We have 5 beautiful puppies, 2 girls and 3 boys. I have one boy for sale. Females are most often smaller than males. Not what you're looking for? Will grow average of 10lb Mom is a cross of Lhasa and Shih Dad is a pure Shih tzu Both parents are our pet, and healthy. Our gorgeous girl has had a litter of 7 puppies. What's yalls thought? Shih Tzu vs Lhasa Apso – All That You Need to Know! Although bigger, a Lhasa normally has a smaller bone structure, therefore, it will look slimmer than a Shih Tzu, which has a … Both the Lhasa Apso and the Shih Tzu are petite pups! I've searched info and seems there is a few out there and they carry both genes of each parent. Hypoallergenic and not shedding. I find this particular breeding produces dogs with character and intelligence. 0 0. Has anyone had any experience with the cross? PIP is a Shih tzu - Lhasa apso cross and dad is a full pedigree Shih... 10. . Ended. Lol you get a mixed breed dog or mutt i own 2 shih … They are muscular despite being only 9 to 12 inches high, and weighing 9 to 15 pounds, and thus were nicknamed … We are breeders of Miniature Schnauzer, Bichon Frise, Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso, Cavalier King Charles, Yorkshire Terriers, West Highland Terriers and we also breed Bichon Frise puppies crossed with the above breeds. This small dog possesses most of the mixed traits of its mother and father which makes it a … Dog breeds have been developed over hundreds, sometimes thousands, of years to get what we know as a Shih Tzu or Lhasa Apso, etc. This advert is located in and around Gainsborough, Lincs. From shop SpringRoseDesigns. The Shih Apso has a short undercoat and a longer, wavy outer coat which requires daily grooming. Mitzie is a loving female lhasa cross shih tzu, just come into season, ready for mating. They are nearly 5months old and we believe they are Lhasa x Shih tzu. This small dog possesses many of the combined characteristics of its parents which makes it an ideal companion and lapdog. It is not known whether the dogs descended from a single … Relisted due to no show.